How 4 companies kicked a** with SSO, CIAM and Biometrics!

Being a product marketing manager is fun but a bit challenging. Like not trying to make this blog post a product pitch.

It’s been a few months for me transitioning into this role (after the fun days of promoting our flagship event WSO2Con for almost three years). I must admit though, having a good product to market is a blessing (hello, my name is corny…). And I’m glad I can say that about WSO2 Identity Server (still corny, but true).

Although IAM might come off as just another “project”, it’s an actual business need, because the right people having access to the right resources is key. Avoiding identity silos, password management, and regulation compliance (GDPR!) are just a few of the issues IAM can solve.

As far as WSO2 Identity Server is concerned, we’re helping Fortune 500 companies change the way they address Identity and Access Management — and how opting for open source gives them an added advantage.

This is why WSO2Con is an excellent platform not to just tell you the number of customers we’ve helped but the “kind”of stories we’re able to tell. Here we don’t only tell the story ourselves, we have a lineup of eminent personalities changing their organizations to share it FOR us.

So here’s not one, but 4 stories you would learn if you decide to sign up for WSO2Con USA this July.

The Power of One: Bringing Single User Design into the Healthcare World

University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre (a non-profit hospital in Pittsburgh, the largest NGO employer in Penn) is one of our latest converts. Chris Venturini is a hardcore problem solver and loves being creative (ex 3D game artist). He’s a senior engineering manager at UPMC will be talking about how UPMC is developing an identity management platform using the WSO2 Identity Server to consolidate users’ multiple accounts into one. All this without the separate internal systems losing their individualized concepts of each user via real-time resolution of authorization items. The simple, yet effective power of SSO.

CIAM @ IDEXX: Changing the Auth Engine In-flight

How did IDEXX go from a legacy auth system to a globally scalable, cloud-based solution that would exceed the expectations of their customers?

This was IDEXX Senior IT Manager John Ellingsworth’s goal. He was passionate about following emerging trends in technology. Why? To find simple and elegant solutions to complex problems. He will be talking about how they built a new platform capable of federating the customer application landscape while minimizing downtime, optimizing costs, and unifying the customer experience using WSO2 Identity Server.

Nightmare on SSO Street

We’re pros when it comes to SSO and solving this came naturally to us as well Ken McDonald, who is an application security architect at Symcor. Ken has successfully introduced Application Security programs and IAM/API platforms in multiple organizations for over a decade. He has led several teams and initiatives from a Security Architecture and platform ownership perspective. So when Symco wanted to replace their legacy SSO implementations, they did this with ease with WSO2 Identity Server converting it into a Centralized Access Management platform for all new product developments. In this talk Symcor will walk you through the architecture and capabilities that are now being leveraged within Symcor to facilitate federated API access.

Design and Implementation of the Veridium Authenticator: A Biometric WSO2 Federated Authenticator

Opting for biometrics is all the rage now, whatever the case for passwords may be. The flexible WSO2 Identity Server allows for many different biometric configurations including primary authentication, 2FA, MFA or escalated transactions. And the Veridium Authenticator (VA) is a biometric federated authenticator available for the WSO2 IS platform. Dr. John Callahan is a champ that is responsible for the development of Veridium’s world class enterprise-ready biometric solutions, leading a global team of software developers, computer vision scientists and sales engineers.

During this session he will describe the VA design, implementation and customer deployments using WSO2 IS in front of many SPs including G-Suite, AWS, Dropbox, Office365, Citrix Netscaler and Storefront.

We’ve got sessions from our own product experts (see →Prabath Siriwardena) that will take you through the importance of CIAM, Privacy, GDPR, Identity APIs and Microservices security (more on this later). And THIS is quite impressive for a 3 day conference.

Alright, I’m done bragging and you have two weeks left to decide. 50 claps and you get a free pass for WSO2Con. Hit me up.



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